What Inspires Me

Before I found my passion for baking, my greatest love affair has been with art. As a child, I always had a pencil in my hand, and a story in my imagination. It wasn’t till I had graduated from university that I realised my creativity would be nurtured so much through the art of baking, and in particular, cake making. My vision was enriched when I was able to channel my creativity to both cake design and the exploration of flavours and generating delicious sweets!

As a result, my inspiration comes from so many places. A great movie, with colours and a mood that evokes something in me, a trip abroad that leaves me with new smells and sensations, a masterful painting with textures and a story behind it.

Museums can be one of my favourite places to escape to when I’m in need of inspiration. In particular, the V&A museum in South Kensington ticks all the boxes for me. Textiles and art from around the world – sometimes looking at an Elizabethan wedding gown prompts an elaborate cake design in my mind. Or a tapestry from ancient China leads me to wonder what flavours they would have indulged in. Travelling and exploring other towns, cities and countries, is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to new sights, smells, and tastes. Exactly what we need when our mind is feeling a bit blank.

When trying to come up with something new, I often refer to the old. History is an encyclopaedia for inspiration! Looking at what those before have done and how the flavours and creations we see over time have changed. And what are the things that stuck with us, that survived years later? And, of course, each other! Talking to other creators, tasting other cakes – a sense of community

Whether it’s online through social media or with your work colleagues or friends. Seeing things through the eyes of others gives me new vision and ideas all the time.

Create, don’t hate ♡

  • Roxy

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