Seasonal Flowers

Fresh flowers can be a beautiful way to adorn any cake, and are especially popular when it comes to wedding cakes. I, myself, have had to learn when I can offer flowers to customers, and when I cannot! Flowers are at the mercy of the elements, which means different flowers are in bloom at different times of the year.

Here is a useful catalogue I put together of popular blooms for wedding cakes and when they tend to be in season

Roses – the good thing about roses is that they’re normally grown all year round due to their popularity and relative endurance! Certain shades may be more limited during the winter months, and there’s always more variety in the spring and summer. But roses are always pretty obtainable.

Peonies – the oh-so-popular bloom that isn’t as easy to get hold of as we’d hope! Peonies are stunning flowers, and one of my personal favourites. However their time with us is short. Peonies are spring flowers, and tend to only hang around for a month or two. Their most common months to bloom are April and May.

Ranunculus – another one of my best-loved flowers, ranunculus are also spring blooms. They’re usually available between January and May, give or take a month.

Chrysanthemum – these are a great winter option as they’re fairly unaffected by the changing seasons! I actually think their look is pretty suited to that frosty winter theme too.

Lisianthus – a reliable option for a good chunk of the year, lisianthus are available throughout most of the spring and summer.

Dahlia – this flower is dramatic and bewitching, and often looks amazing on a large cake. They’re planted during the spring and most often than not, bloom during the mid-late summer and early autumn months. Furthermore, they can often be found in rich, dark shades, perfect for that autumnal splendour.

Hydrangeas – these little guys look great when arranged on cakes in bunches. And they’re often available in colours ranging from white, pink, blue and purple. Most of the time they can be found in summer, however some times they appear in the spring months too.

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